29th Jul 2019

Three little pigs set out into the world. The first pig decides to build a house of straw, the second a house made of sticks, and the third pig chooses to build a house of bricks.
Then along comes a very hungry wolf who threatens to huff and puff and blow their houses down. Will any of the pigs be smart enough to escape the big bad wolf?

The ballets were originally shown on CBeebies, generating the most views for any CBeebies content during the 3 months they were shown. Now remastered and designed especially for cinema, we are delighted to be bringing these classic stories to the big screen.

Each story is read for the cinema audience by BBC’s Anita Rani and includes dance move demos by the professional ballet dancers for children to try.

These bite sized ballets provide the perfect way to introduce young children to the artistic beauty of ballet in a comfortable, affordable, local family friendly setting while encouraging a fun trip to the cinema and an engaging interactive experience.

Time: 10:30am

Ticket prices:
Adults: Free
Under 12s: £4.00*
*plus booking fee

Southwold Arts Centre,
St Edmund’s Hall